06 The moon

“Did you sleep well?”

I opened my eyes and I could see my master floating near my head. I make a little scream and my master began to laugh. “I’m not a monster —she said—, although you probably think that, don’t you?” I shook my head and blushed.

“But you did little girl —she continued—, don’t you remember? Cultivators can be monsters for normal people, and soon you will be one of these monsters. So don’t worry about it”.

Before, perhaps I could be scared, but now? After all the pain? Not, I was grateful to becoming a monster as my Master. Even so, I had a doubt.

“Master, you said that soon I will become a cultivator. I’m not already one? Do I need to do something more?”

“Yes, it’s time for you to know your master’s technique. As you remember, my technique is called ‘Using demons and gods alike’ it uses the yin and yang in a perfect equilibrium. So perfect that a small deviation could kill you and explode your soul. It’s a very dangerous technique, but also it’s one of the most powerful.

In general, all techniques use the yin and yang, but one more than the other. That’s good for these techniques because they don’t need balance. Why a fire technique would want more yin that is a cold energy? That’s illogical… for them. My technique use both at the same level, and because of the perfect balance it can defeat almost any technique in the world. No! All techniques! It’s the apex technique!”

My Master was talking with passion. I didn’t know if it was in fact the best technique in the world, but I trusted her words. I was about to be very powerful.

“Right now —she was still explaining—, you are full of yin, that’s not a problem because you have not learned my technique, but when you do, being full of only one type of energy can be fatal, remember that well.  But before I teach you that, first you need to know how to meditate. Meditation will be an important thing in your life, it will be the way to grow as a cultivator. It’s the easiest part of being one, but also the most important.

Sit down and close your eyes —she ordered me—. You have to be comfortable with the position you are using. Now, the important part is the breathing. When you breathe, you are circulating the energy through to all your body and your meridians. Right now you don’t feel anything because you are learning, but later you will be able to do it, and even correct deviation. Don’t try to force it, I will help you step by step”.

I try to meditate for hours, but I couldn’t fell anything. If not you been witness of my Master power, I could thought that she was a quack. She said that I had to try one, two or thousand time until I could feel it, and I felt stressed. I didn’t learn anything of that while I was with my parents. I didn’t learn any useful thing! I really hated them.

“Stop —she said—, what you are thinking about?”

I told her, and she reprimand me. She told me that I had to be in peace and only meditate. But I could do it, I had a lot of thoughts while trying to do it. A lot.

“You know, little girl? I’m your master, you have kowtowed to acknowledge me as such, I gave you a present, but I don’t know your name”.

That was true! I was ashamed. “Master, my name is Sun Yueling”.

“Sun? I know someone with a surname similar of that. I have not seeing him in a long time… Anyways, what do you think about your name? Do you like it?”

I was about to say yes, but I had to be honest with my master. “Master, I don’t care. I know that a name it’s important. I know that saying this is going against filial piety, but I don’t care about my parents at all, and even that name is a keepsake of their existences. I would prefer to have no name, if I have to choose.”

“Oh! That’s good! —she said—. Little girl, I will give you a new name. My name is Yue Fengliang, and you as my disciple will be called Yue Liang, and will be written as moon and bright. You will be the bright moon in a dark sky, always shinning even if all is darkness. This is my most important gift as your master. You will train, you will suffer, your body will be bloodied, but you will shine, Yue Liang!

I cried. I didn’t have any kind of words. I could think about anything. She gave me her surname! It was the most important gift I had ever received, even more important that the opportunity to be a cultivator. I was thankful, and I promised myself to always follow her, even if I had to go to hell for her.

Little I knew that would do exactly that, but that is another story. In that moment I only knew one thing, I would be the moon that she thought I was.

And I would shine like never before!

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