07 Using gods

Several week have passed, and I finally could meditate. Before that, I thought that is was a matter of breathing, but now I know that it wasn’t that. It is a state of concentration, of nothingness. I was cut from the outer world. I could feel my inner self like it was a vacuum. It was almost black, but with a faint white light in the, I thought, the middle of all. It was very small, the size of a firefly, but it was beautiful, I couldn’t stop seeing it.

My Master said that it was the seed of my soul roots and with more meditation and the technique it would grow brighter. It was very exciting to see that tiny, almost insignificant light, because it was my light, my own power born of my effort.

I asked to my Master if I could see hers, but she said that with my level, it was not a good idea. Also that it was bad etiquette to ask that. You always have to be invited, and if you try to enter without permission, the cultivator could kill you and nobody would bat an eye. That was very important to know.

“Master —I said— is there another rule that I have to know?”

She told me that they were many rules, but almost all could be resumed in giving face. Face was important for mortal, but it was almost a currency for cultivators. Because cultivator were all haughty people and it was important for them how the others think about you. The more powerful you are, the more face people have to give you, so if someone doesn’t give you face, it was like saying they didn’t respect you. That was something that they could not tolerate, not even myself.

I could understand a little bit of that, but not entirely. She simple said while laughing that I would know more about it when I was powerful enough to understand it. I didn’t know what to think about it.

“Soon, you will be one, and I think that is time to use the second part of my technique. This time you will do all. Do you remember how to use it?”

I had to learn the basics of “Using demons and gods alike”. Even I, who was new to this world, could understand the uniqueness of this technique. The demon part used yin to change a little bit of the outer me, but a lot of my inner me. That’s why I could improve my physique and see my soul seed. Now the god part would allow me to improve further my body and with the warm yang energy began to grow my soul roots. The inner and outer me would complement each other, almost perfectly. That sounded simple but was very difficult. My master explained that for someone who used a fire cultivation technique, it was better to use the fire element to improve, he could use other elements, but their usefulness would not be the same, because that energy would be converted in the body to a fire one, with a loss of effectiveness because of that. Also, for using a lot of yang energy the cultivator would be in an imbalance and even if they could achieve the peak, it would never be with the maximum potential.

My Master’s technique didn’t care of all of that. First, I could use any source of yin and yang and I would always use all of it, without losing in the energy conversion, and transform it in my own qi. Also, because I had a perfect balance, I would always grow with the full potential of my abilities unlocked. It was a supreme technique. And now, I would be using that.

As my body was full of yin energy, and needed the yang energy. In this first step, I was really easy, I only had to meditate at day near vegetation and I would absorb part of what I needed. Later I would need more than only that, but for that moment was enough. I did it for about four months before the last step.

“Now that you are ready —said my Master—, you have to meditate again. This time I would enter to your inner self and will help you to achieve equilibrium. This final step is the most crucial, if you make a mistake, you will die. Remember, I will help you for minor issues, but you will do the rest. This will the first and only time I will do this, do you understand?”

It was the third time that she said the same thing. I would be blind if I could not notice that she was worried. But also preoccupied, because I knew that if I make a fatal mistake, she would not help me, I had to prove that I was worthy. I was ready to take the first step… or die trying.

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