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03 Collect

A tiny red light escape my body, it was very dim but I could felt a strange force around it. The light began to fly on to the dead bodies and something bizarre happen. The bodies began to dry, as if they were in a desert. After a couple of minutes only the bones remained, and even that the light absorbed. Now the light began to bright stronger and I could see that a shape was being formed. I was a tiny woman.

“How the mighty fall! —the now tiny woman said while looking the sky—. Well, it’s not time for reminiscence, but time for you. Now you will be my disciple and have to take the first of my test. It will very painful, but that’s life.”

With a movement of her right hand I could see that a ball of energy was formed, and it began to rotate at a incredible speed. I couldn’t see anything changing for a while, but then, began to hear cries. “Well, well, do you three thought that could escape so easily? In this world there are sins that one could never do, sins that even the mighty emperors could not even think about committing, but you three committed the worst of all, you try to harm my disciple! But not worry, I will cleanse of your sin, so well in fact that you will not even be capable to go to the cycle of reincarnation!”

I could see their souls been absorbed by the sphere. Their wailing was frightening, I could feel the pain in my soul. My body trembled, and I was about to run, when I saw my master. She was a demon, yes; but a demon that will teach me how to fight. I didn’t know if that was the wise choice, but it was my choice, the first one in a long time.

When she finished absorbing the souls she came to me, I was really frightened, but I didn’t move. No because I was scared, but because of conviction.

“Little girl, not many people could still be standing after seeing that. I really choose well. As your master is my duty to give you a gift. This is it. This little ball of energy has concentrated the soul force of that trio. I will give it to you to begin your transformation in order to become a cultivator. This is really your last chance to say no, after that a whole new world will be there for you, but I don’t know if that world will be beneficial to you. Think it well”.

I didn’t need to think about it. “Master, I will become a demon as you willingly. What will pass, will pass, and I will never doubt the choice I made today.”

“That’s a good answer little girl! —she said quite amused—, I really hope that what you say will be the truth forever but… I have to tell you. I’m not a demon; I am a human, just as you. Don’t you know what a cultivator is?”

“Do you cultivate… plants?”

I knew that it was the wrong answer, but I said by impulse, without thinking. I was so dumb that I was ashamed of myself.

“Plants? Plants! Ha, ha, ha! Little girl, you made me laugh! It was a long time ago that I laughed so well! —she said laughing almost without pause— although you are not so wrong. We cultivate the soul and body going against the laws of the earth and the heavens. But first, we have to create our spiritual roots that will later need to be nourish and improved. Yes, you could say that we are our own gardeners.

It’s good that you are honest with me. Never silence your voice, even if I can be wrong. How could you will know if it’s wrong if you don’t said a thing? This is a new path for you, so you have to make sure to know and understand this path. Don’t be afraid to speaking to your master.”

I was moved. It was the first time since my grandfather died that someone had speak with me that way. It was tender, it was like a mother could say to her daughter when they were alone. I kowtowed three time in reverence of my Master.

From the bottom of my heart I simply said, “This disciple understand.”

The first of many times I would do it.

De sapos ificados

Hace unos días, por error,
en vez de alcohol, usé lejía,
mi mano la sentía caliente,
pero no de forma ardiente,
cual quemadura de sol
que ya está cerca a poniente,
las manos al agua puse,
y los dedos raros cual hule,
hasta lavarlos bien.

Esa sensación tan rara,
luego descubrí,
tiene un nombre muy extraño,
que parece broma ‘e ñaño,
pues es saponificación.
y aunque no es mi intención,
me imagino a un príncipe,
convertido es sapo,
mas las tonterías me las calló,
porque es peligroso en la piel,
la lejía combinada con la grasa
de la piel que deja como pasa,
empieza un proceso químico,
que causa quemadura cáustica,
y vuelve tu piel, jabón.

Por eso queridos lectores,
y también mis detractores,
tengan cuidado con la lejía,
que un dedo aún reciente pasado días,
no creo que quieran convertir,
sus dedos de jamón, en un terrible jabón.

02 Master

After the shock, I felt better, but the smell of blood was evidence of what have happen. I didn’t know what to fell. “Girl, it’s good that you feel that way, I don’t want to teach murderers, but doves are also a no no. Remember that mercy almost get you killed. This time, you could prevent it, but could you do it the next time? Or the one after that? Remember, be neutral to who are neutral to you, a Buda to who is kind to you and a demon to who wants to kill you. That’s life in this world, remember that always.”

I had many things to think. What that voice said, was true, but I didn’t want to have blood soaked hands. Yes, I wanted my revenge, I wanted my family to suffer, but not that way. I didn’t know what to do.

“Little girl —the voice speak this time with a strict voice—, even if you don’t want to kill your family, you need strength and the conviction to kill. What could you do as you are right now? You are a powerless little girl that only knows how to be a proper woman. All your life had the only meaning of marriage, but now what? Would you have your vengeance cooking? Raising kids? Reciting poetry? The man who send these ones, perhaps will send more, what would you do?

I have save you once, but next time you have to save yourself and I’m giving you the chance. Would you take it?”

I was scared, I saw the blood, the destruction, my torn clothes, my vomit. I saw all that. I trembled, and my tears began to wash my face. “I need strength, teach me, master,” I said.

“Very well, I will do it, little girl, and the first lesson that I will teach you is to not be so naïve. I will be your master, but what would you do if I have bad intentions? Perhaps I want to use you, or torture you. You don’t even know what I am. What do you think?”

After a while I answer firmly, “Master, my life is yours. If not for you, I could be dead, not only that, my body could be sullied. I would have died with nobody to mourn me, food for the wild animals, a thing. If you want me dead, you could have waited; if you want to torture me, what can I do? From the beginning my life was not mine, but if you will be really my Master, no matter what you are, I promise you that I will be always loyal to you and not even the heavens could break my oath.”

“Good! —said the voice was laughing happily—, I will be your master! And for the bond of trust, I will be honest with you, at first, wanted your body. I need a fresh dead body to reincarnate. This body have to be highly compatible with my soul, and yours is like that. I could have being very easy to me to wait for your dead, but you know? Your situation was similar to somebody I swear to protect, but at that time I was too weak to do it. She had a gruesome dead, and I promise myself that I would prevent any similar situation to occur again. As you can see this is karma.”

I could feel the sadness in the voice. Perhaps she was a demon, but she was more humane that my family.

“The second lesson will be how to begin to cultivate —now she spoke gently, like a teacher that I used to have—, your body is mediocre at best, and your soul power is almost nonexistent. The first thing it could be changed and the second it was a blessing in disguise for you because for that I could enter your body and teach you. Later you will have a better soul power and perhaps could help me with obtain a new body, but that will be in the future. For now, I will teach you the basics of my cultivation technique, ‘Using demons and gods alike.’

What do you say? Are you ready?”

01 The ghost

“Stupid bitch, had to escape from us! Now you will die!”

Three men here kicking a girl on the ground. She had no more than 14 years old and already was suffering hell. The pain was almost nonexistent and she could see with supernatural clarity her blood running through the roots of the trees. She didn’t had strength to fight, she only could see her blood go away and with it, her life.

Was that the ending that she wanted? No! She wanted to be happy, to be married to a good man, and have kids. She wanted to be a good daughter, a good sister, a good wife. But nobody care what she wanted, nor her parents, nor her brothers and sister. She was angry, she was furious with everybody! She wanted revenge! But it didn’t matter anymore, that was the end of all.

She closed her eyes.

“Do you want to die?”

A voice inside her talked. Do you? —repeated—. What do you want?

She didn’t know what was happening, she only knew that it was not her voice. Could it be a ghost? Or perhaps a demon who wanted to play with her in her final moments.

“You are quite funny —said the voice—, you are about to die and I want to give you a chance, but right now you are thinking what I am? Does it really matter? I could be a ghost, a demon, a Buda or even a god, but it doesn’t matter to you. Dead people doesn’t have the right to know what I am. But I’m giving you a chance, only one. Do you want to live?”

Yes! I want to live! I want revenge! I want to be happy! I want all!

You want all? —the voice said while laughing—. You are really funny, I like it!, now my little lotus, I will give you a second chance.

In that moment I felt a surge of warm energy inside my body, it gave me strength enough to open my eyes. I saw one of the three men that were chasing me, over me, taking out my clothes. I screamed, and punched him. He was send flying through many trees, his body ended like mincemeat.

The other two were surprised, and scared and tried to run. “Kill them” —order the voice. At first, I froze. I never killed before, and I didn’t want to do it.

“So you want all? Is this the “all” that you were talking about? In this world, if you not kill, you will be killed. What do you think will happen if they escape? Will they leave you alone? Will they not inform what happen today to the one who wanted you? Being merciful with your enemies is being merciless with yourself. You choose.”

I didn’t want to do it but… I chased them. It was incredible, I had never been so fast in my life, it was like I was the wind itself. Quickly I found one men, he tried to outspeed me, but it was pointless. I throw a punch at him, he tried to evade it, but he couldn’t. Blood was everywhere and I closed my eyes while running. I stumbled and my face ended on the ground. “Get up and continue.”

I did that and began running again. Even with all the time I lost, I didn’t take to much to found the last man. He was agitated, and when he saw me, it was like he was seeing death itself. He stopped, he saw me with terrified eyes, and kneel down, asking for mercy. Almost crying.

The voice didn’t say anything, it was me who had to choose. I killed two men already, but he was defenseless, and he didn’t want to die, I know how he was feeling. “Perhaps, I could let him live after he tell me all what he knows”, it was what I was thinking, when in a flash, he took out a knife and threw it at me. It surprise me, but I could evade it easily.

He kowtowed, and ask for forgiveness. I walked to him, slowly. In that moment I didn’t think about anything. He kept asking and crying. When I was a foot away of him, he raised his head, and the last thing he saw was my foot squashing his head.

“The last one, was an impressive killing, good for you!” That voice made me realize what I had done. I saw my foot, I saw the carnage I made. I didn’t know what to do, what to fell, I wanted to yell, to cry. Many feelings inside me.

And all ended in a puke.

A terrible and agonizing puke.  

Gracias a ustedes

No son muchos los que me visitan, pero son constantes. Por eso, les agradezco infinitamente estar leyendo mis experimentos, no se imaginan cuánto.

Agradezco su visita
casi tanto como a la pizza
pues su visita es un aliento
para este experimento
hecho por un loco
medio mal del coco.

Mas hablando en serio,
gracias a este medio
expresarme puedo
casi sin miedo
y que a ustedes les agrade
y no les enfade
es para este bohemio
mucho más que un premio.